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Pay for Performance

Why use Exec2Exec's P4P?

Advertise your jobs on Exec2Exec free of charge
You only pay for qualified applications delivered to you.
You ask the questions
Only candidates passing your questions get through.
You set the budget
Avoid budgetary guesswork, Exec2Exec puts you in complete control.
Tell us how many applications you want to receive.
Pay for Performance (P4P)
You only pay for what we deliver.

Product Details

Exec2Exec’s P4P is an easy 4 step process to advertise your job to hundreds of thousands of Job Seekers and only pay for results.

And we introduce the powerful Killer Questions application form allowing you to filter out applications from candidates who don’t reach your standards.

Step 1 Advertise a Job and simply by setting a salary we will show you what a basic application will cost. This puts you in charge of your own budget, you set the level of applications you want to receive and we will show you the cost involved.

Step 2 Build your own Application Form and select questions you want answered by candidates before you will consider their applications. There are 16 "killer questions" you can apply to filter out unsuitable candidates. Candidates must answer your questions correctly for their applications to pass through your filter. Use as many filter questions as you like, each one reduces your workload of sifting through and discarding unsuitable candidates. We charge for each filter question and show you the cost of these qualifying questions as you build the application form. You only pay for the number of qualified applications actually delivered that meets your requirements.

Step 3 Write the Advert. This is where you describe the position you want to advertise to attract the best candidates, not only from Exec2Exec but from all members of the JobG8 Network.

Step 4 Confirm the Advert. Check that you are happy with your advert and the associated application cost before you post the job on to the Exec2Exec website. Once posted your job gets distributed across the JobG8 Network.

Then sit back and watch the qualified applications roll in. It’s as easy as that!

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